This is the Syfi Van Helsing Timeline. Starting before "The Rising".

Before The Rising Edit


  • Julius, known as Mr. Romanski back then, asks Mother Agatha to give him one more chance because he's low on his payments. He then visits his Mama.
  • Julius then loses in a boxing match, spitting out some blood, catching Dmitri's attention.
  • Julius then gets stabbed in the chest by some dealers. Dmitri talks to him, gives him the name "Julius", and bites him, making Julius scream in pain.
  • Later, Julius bites his mother. Then Mother Agatha comes in and says that visiting hours are over. Julius' mother wakes up and bites Agatha. (Love Bites)

1960s - 1970s Edit

  • Vanessa's mother was a warrior until she learned the (unknown) truth about Vanessa's father. She even tried to stop Vanessa's birth.
  • After Vanessa's birth, she hid Vanessa away where she'll never be found by Dmitri.(It Beginsmentioned)

2006 Edit

  • Vanessa gives birth to Dylan.

mid 2000s Edit

The Rising Edit