Oh god! Dmitri's death squad. The Elite. We're dead.
Flesh about The Elite in For Me

The Elite is a group of vampires loyal to Dmitri. Despite being vampire soldiers, their leader is a former vampire, that was turned human, Balthazar. He's responsible for killing Vanessa Helsing the first time. Their goal is to obtain Vanessa and take her to Dmitri. Most members of the Elite were killed during an explosion in the hospital, set by Axel.

Apparently, Dmitri's death squad is feared within the vampire world. Julius retreated at their arrival,m saying they live to fight another day. And Flesh predicted that they would all be dead as the Elite is that vicious.

Season One Edit

Through with Julius' inability to successfully capture Vanessa Helsing, Dmitri employs The Elite. They are tasked with retrieving Vanessa from the Seattle Valley General Hospital and bringing her back to The Citadel. On their way to recover the target, they encounter a human named Catherine, and the three vampires that are hunting her. They tell the Elite to state their business, the leading member of the group explains that they have orders from Dmitri to claim the Woman. This leads to an all out brawl on the bridge, with the Elite killing Catherine and the three vampires.

They continue their journey to the hospital, as they approach, Mohamad fires a warning flare into the sky, alerting The Survivors of their arrival. The Elite demand that Vanessa be brought to them, the Survivors can stay or leave but they must decide immediately. The vampires enter the building as the survivors have decided to stay and fight, they make their way up the escalator towards the main room butt they are halted by the UV lights. Balthazar enters, he pulls out a retractable baton, taking out all the lights, Vanessa quickly recognizes him as the vampire that killed her in her apartment. After feeding on her blood, he became human, however, Balthazar remained loyal to Dmitri's cause.

One member corners Nicole in a cut-off room, she fires several rounds into the vampire but it doesn't go down. Finally, with no other choice, Nicole is forced to turn the gun on herself. As the Elite proceeds into the main room, they discovers that the survivors have already left, however, unfortunately for Dmitri's death squad, they've accidentally triggered a pressurized sensor, they are shot with arrows and then blown up.

Notable Members Edit

  • Balthazar (leader) †
  • Multiple Unnamed Vampires †

Trivia Edit

  • Balthazar is the only human member of this group.

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