Simon Barry is a English writer and producer best known for his work on such projects as Syfy's "Continuum", the year 2000 screenplay titled "The Art of War", and the 2015 short film called "The Adept". He's currently the writer and executive producer of Syfy's Van Helsing.

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He was born September 25th of 1966 in England United Kingdom. Before becoming a writer and producer, he had a background as a camera assistant and operator, Simon later relocated to Los Angeles to give screenwriting his undivided attention.

He has a brother , Paul Barry who is also in the screenwriting career, he's an Assistant Director.

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Simon's first on-screen project was a 2011 film titled "Hamlet" in which he was the executive producer of. His first writing project didn't come later until 2012, where he wrote for Syfy's Continuum. This is what he's known most for.

He's also worked on a couple other projects, "Victory Square", "The Falling", The Adept". So far this is all the work has has done.

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