This page features Season Three minor characters of Syfy's Van Helsing. It was created for the characters that have appeared so far on the show; however, they received minor roles which prevents them from receiving a main page. The characters are listed in alphabetical order for your convenience.

Kelly Edit

Kelly was a member of Polly Miller's group. She was shot by Axel Miller after being bitten by a daywalking vampire.

Lorne Edit

Lorne was the feed store owner in Axel Miller's hometown. In 1997 he kidnapped Polly Miller from a playground and held her captive in his basement. In his later years he displayed memory issues and, according to Polly, did not remember abducting her.

Axel shot Lorne several times in the chest and killed him for what he did to his sister.

Polly Miller Edit

Polly Miller, also known as Carter, was the younger sister of Axel Miller. At age ten she was kidnapped by Lorne, a local feed store owner, and was held captive by him for several years. She was believed dead until Axel saved her group while they attempted to retrieve supplies.

Polly died from blood loss and internal trauma after being shot by a stray bullet from Lorne after he attempted to shoot daywalking vampires.

Simon Edit

Simon is a deeply religious man Axel and Scarlett met after Axel was blinded by a faulty shotgun. Pre-apocalypse he was a truck driver and junkie who turned his life around after surviving a tornado. Post apocalypse he is a pacifist who camps near a river and believes prayer and faith has kept him safe from vampires.