Loud Love is the ninth episode of Season Three of Syfy's Van Helsing. This is overall the thirty-fifth episode.


Doc and Jolene clash with Denver authorities over the repellent, Flesh chooses to face his past and Axel struggles with leaving Scarlett behind.

Recap Edit

Flesh/Phil getting resurrected once again, though it took a lot longer to come back from a giant fall than it did a gun shot. While Julius rejoices at his friend’s return, however, Doc and Jolene discover there are consequences for telling people about the rage inducing side effects of the vampire repellent. Jolene gets thrown in prison, and Doc is blackmailed into helping the Powers That Be create a new serum with a less murdery result. She agrees, but asks for a gene sequencer, which she definitely doesn’t plan to use for the serum.

Out on the road, Axel is concerned about Scarlett’s wellbeing, but he doesn’t really have time to dwell on it because the pregnant woman they picked up a couple weeks back is about to be a lot less pregnant and someone sent their only doctor to Colorado. As unborn children are wont to do in situations like these, the infant is coming out sideways, and despite Axel’s best efforts, he can’t get her to turn around. At the pleading of the mother, he performs a terrible field c-section and frees the baby, killing the mother in the process.

Finally, they arrive in Denver, and Axel sends the rest on their way while he turns around to head to his and Scarlett’s meeting place alone. Too bad he didn’t stick around, though, because the Sisterhood is just nearby, about to storm the castle. Inside the city, and blissfully unaware of what’s coming, Julius makes a move on Frankie, who accepts. Meanwhile, Flesh goes to find where his wife has ended up and discovers that she’s been shipped off to a prison camp from which there is no return. Naturally, he shoots a guard and gets himself arrested. All of this is happening while Doc also attempts to mount a prison break of her own, killing the woman in charge and stealing her key card which will allow her access to Jolene’s cell. Only that cell is empty because there are daywalking vampires running amok in Denver and no one is safe.

Doc manages to escape and find the bus taking all the prisoners to the camp but is unable to stop it in time. Two of Axel’s party manage to hide just long enough, baby in tow, to save themselves from a biting and make a break for it. Julius, meanwhile, nearly makes it all the way out with Frankie before they are jumped by Scab, who harbors a deep hatred for his former boss, and Frankie is killed.