Lillian Van Helsing was a member of the Van Helsing family that lived in late the 19th to early 20th Century and a vampire hunter. She first appeared in Super Unknown.

Biography Edit

In 1906 Lilian alongside with her husband arrive at the Renfield House for Incurables. Edward says that he is here to commit his wife Lilian for hysteria. Lilian bids him farewell and asks him to give a necklace to their daughter if she doesn't make it back. The true reason for checked herself in the asylum is to fight a vampire who has been hiding out in the asylum, but before she can do that she has to break out of her room and beat up a lascivious guard, which she does easily. Then it's off to the basement where she faces the vampire only to be killed by him with ease. Despite that she was dead for over 100 years she was well-preserved inside her coffin with the Elder's totem (a silver bracelet) and a large dagger. As some of Sam’s blood hits Lilly’s face, she awakens, and joins Vanessa Van Helsing in the fight.