Gustov: Julius... Flesh is human, says she turned him, says she'll turn us all.

Julius: Send word to Dmitri now, he needs to here this.

Julius to Gustov at the compound in Fear Her

Julius' Compound is a secretly located compound based out of Seattle. Julius uses it as his base of operations. He and all his vampire minions reside there, as well as his mother. Before being turned back into humans, Flesh and Susan also lived there. During their time there, Susan claims that Flesh was one of Julius' top dogs.

Notable Events Edit

Season One Edit

  • Julius sits with a vampire draped over his lap, sucking his blood out his back and through a straw. Gustov enters the room, telling him that Flesh has been turned into a human, he says that Vanessa Helsing did it, and she can do the same for the rest of them. Julius tells Gustov to send word to Dmitri.
  • As Julius feeds upon a bleeding heart, he is approached bu Gustov, who informs him that Vanessa was spotted nearby, at the bridge, she took out two ferals, and now she's off with a group of survivors. Julius request that they kill everyone with the exception of her. Gustov is hesitant to do so as he claims that Vanessa is strong, Julius confronts him, asking if Gustov fears Vanessa more than he does his own master, Gustov does not as he abruptly leaves.
  • Mama addresses Julius, she's disappointed as he is simply following orders like a good boy, she believes that they should keep Vanessa instead of handing her over to Dmitri, this would supposedly allow Julius to regain his place.
  • After capturing Vanessa by the bridge, they bring her back to the compound, Mama quickly discovers that the vampires fear her as she could change everything for them. Julius believes that Vanessa can lead him to Rebecca, and from her he'll find Dmitri and kill him. He headbutts Vanessa as she tempts him to bite her.
  • Vanessa is then chained to the scaffolding, Julius asks the crowd if there's anyone that doesn't fear her, he confused as to why they're so afraid of a human girl. Susan, who is now a vampire steps up, saying that she's not afraid of Vanessa, however, Vanessa doesn't want to face her, Susan calls her a "little bitch" and refers to Dylan in the same manor, then claiming that she drained her of all her blood. Th two go back and forth in combat, Vanessa eventually gains the upperhand, biting Susan, turnning her back into a vampire as the two escape the compound.

Trivia Edit

  • The back exit to Julius' compound leads down to the sewers, were the mutated vampires reside.

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