Does it matter at this point? You're confident cutting into dead people, well she's dead, so it's the same thing. Either you don't do it, and she's dead. Or you do it, and you screw up and she's dead. What do you got to lose?
— John to Doc in For Me

John was a main character during Season One of SyFy's Van Hesling. He was portrayed by David Cubitt.

He was a survivor of the Rising whose actions were fueled by anger, prejudice, suspicion and fear. He is also the late husband of Wendy.

Character Description Edit

“Angry and impulsive, John acted first and thinks later. That might be an effective way to go about trying to stay alive in a world full of murderous vampires, but it doesn't make for mixing well with humans.” [1]

Biography Edit

Currently, there is nothing known about John's life prior to The Rising. However, at some point in time, he married Wendy.

Season One Edit

John and several other survivors are taken to a facility by Ted, but they are first forced to shoot their way through a horde of vampires. Once inside, he discovers that his wife is still out there somewhere, he demands to leave but Axel doesn't allow it as it could compromise the mission. So, he knocks John out from behind and take him upstairs, he later confronts Axel once more, attacking him with a pipe but Axel is far more skilled and makes quick work of him. This only further angers John. Continue Reading Here....

John sprints up to the rooftop to discover that Wendy, his wife has been captured by the vampires, who are demanding a trade, Wendy for "the dead girl" (Vanessa). He attacks Axel, stealing his sidearm then pointing a gun at Vanessa head and offering to throw her off the roof. Axel shoots Wendy in the head, thus stripping the vampires of any leverage, which results in John attacking Axel and destroying the turbine which kept the UV lights running. Continue Reading Here....

After finding Cynthia's dead body hanging in the hospital, the survivors regroup, wondering why she would take her own life, John claims that she was fragile, so she likely snapped. Once Axel reveals that Cynthia's suicide was actually murdered, he begins pointing fingers, first at Doc, then at Mohamad as he conveniently disappear shortly after the murder, but Axel refuses to point the blame at Mohamad. Continue Reading Here....

John reveals to the newcomers that they have a killer amongst them, this killer murdered Cynthia and now Roger, a member of the new group. He then helps them take over the hospital, locking the survivors in the cage, however, Brendan, the leader of the group quickly realizes that the killer could just as easily be John, so John is locked in the cage as well, with the same people he just turned his back on. Continue Reading Here....

John is seen several times throughout the episode, he yells at Catherine to stop as she sticks Mohamad's spear through the cage in a fit of rage, attacking them. Later when Doc returns to the cage, she reveals that Vanessa is back at the hospital, and she has a plan to take it back over, however, John believes that the plan will fail. After Axel manages to escape, killing multiple newcomers, John wants to know if that's how Axel handles everything as he feels it was unnecessary. Continue Reading Here....

When Julius and his army of vampires being to attack the hospital in search of Vanessa, John believes they should evacuate, but Axel refuses, claiming they'll stay and fight, John warns him multiple times that he better have a way out of this. As he goes back to the main room, he's called into the exam room, he claims to be unfamiliar with any of the procedures, Doc tells him to continue the chest compression's, so he does. Vanessa's heart has started back up again due to the adrenaline, but her body still isn't healing, Doc thinks that something in the wound come be the problem, John wonders if she can do it, but she's hesitant, he asks if it matters that she's not just a dead body, Doc explains that she is confident when cutting into dead people, but technically Vanessa is dead, and John reminds her of this, so it’s the same thing, either she doesn't do it and Vanessa dead, or she does and could possibly save her, he says there's nothing to lose, Doc agrees, cutting into the bite and John assist her. Continue Reading Here....

After realizing the Military base is a fail, the survivors head towards a bunker that Axel informed them of, once inside, they discover that the place is stocked with food and liquids, including alcohol. That night, the survivors get drunk, John more than most, he and Susan stumble into the hallway, drunk and mumbling at each other, there's a bit of flirting before John makes the first move, kissing Susan, however, she's not into it, telling John to stop, when he doesn't she begins to scream, John only becomes more aggressive, attempting to force himself on her. Vanessa quickly shows up, separating the two, then knocking John on his ass when he approaches her in an aggressive manner. John wakes up as the group contemplate what to do with him, Axel says he would normally kick John out but the new guy blew up the front door. Doc then notices the mark on Susan neck, it's similar to the one left on Cynthia she then, accuses him of being the killer. He claims that he was only trying to kiss her, but his hands were around her throat. When Sam returns with his bag, inside they find the same kind of blade that killed Roger, and Cynthia's finger. He then breaks free of his restraints, smashing a wine bottle, and holding it to Susan's face as leverage, telling them to drop their weapons, Vanessa quickly kills John by throwing a knife into his neck. Continue Reading Here....

John's body lays on the floor as Vanessa stands over him, dragging his body away, before mopping up his blood, and finally rolling up his body in a white sheet. Axel and Flesh to dispose of the body, Vanessa looks to the two of them, wondering if she actually had to kill John in order to protect them, the two of them agree that it was necessary as John was the supposed killer. Axel and Flesh pick up John's body take it away, as they prepare to put it in the freezer, Flesh asks Axel if he's ever heard of respecting the dead, but he reminds Flesh that John didn't deserve it as he killed people and cut off their fingers. Continue Reading Here....

Personality Edit

John is tough and stubborn, but he's still a loving man as he would do anything to get outside to find his missing wife, Wendy, however, Axel won't allow this, resulting in an angry John that was seen several times throughout the premiere. He tried to take out Axel with a steel pipe and even gathered some of the other survivors hoping to kill Vanessa and Doc

Abilities Edit

John has yet to display any note worthy abilities, in fact, he was taken down rather easily by Axel.

Arsenal Edit

  • Kitchen knife

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Season One appearances: 8/13
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