Hunted Down is the seventh episode of Season Three of Syfy's Van Helsing This is overall the thirtieth-third episode.


Sam approaches his destiny. Mohamad tries to escape his servitude and imprisonment. Axel leads the San Francisco refugees to Denver. Ivory and Scab assume control of the Daywalker horde.

Recap Edit

Axel attempts to ferry the group from San Francisco to Denver, the Sisterhood is setting out to ruin their plans. You see, the Daywalkers have heard what’s waiting in Denver -- lots of humans to snack on – and Ivory and her sisters weren’t about to let the men have all the fun. Ivory takes over the entire group of Daywalkers and inducts them into the Sisterhood, provided they lose that spare appendage.

With everything that happened last week in Denver and the Daywalkers/Sisterhood getting ready to attack the city, it doesn’t look like Axel and crew are going to have a very warm welcome, assuming they get there at all. He’s having trouble traveling with a group unused to this type of situation, which means he’s not only in charge, but really the only thing standing between the group of humans and certain death. Of course, being Axel, he immediately starts collecting more people after he comes across someone on the way to San Francisco to catch a boat to Hawaii.

While all this is going on, Sam and Mohamad are having their own confusing party in the woods. Mohamad has been trapped in the underground bunker/sleeping area for at least a few days now, living off the meager amounts of blood he can squeeze out of some rats, but a visit from the ghost and/or hallucination of an old, very dead friend helps him escape. She won’t let him get very far, though, and tells him what he must do is kill Sam.

Sam likely isn’t going to go without one hell of a fight, though, because he too is seeing a creepy ghost/hallucination. That same woman in black who visited him as a child and again when he adopted Felix reveals her face and orders him to “kill the one he loves.” He gets upset but obeys and kills Felix only to learn that he isn’t the right person. Sam is going to have to kill the real Mohamad. We're sure this will all go very well.

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