Hannah Cheramy is a Canadian actress who just recently got into the business, she isn't really known for much, she has only appeared in a few TV Movies and television series. She portrayed Dylan in Syfy's Van Helsing  for Season One and Season Two and briefly The Elder in Season Three.

History Edit

She was born on July 13th of 2003 in British Columbia Canada. She began performing at an early age, doing song and dance routines as early as the age of 3. She was acting in local children's theatre productions by the time she was 7 years old.

Biography Edit

Hannah started acting professionally in 2014, with numerous commercials and two movies in her first year of this life. Hannah's first on screen appearance was in a 2015 film titled "October Kiss", she portrayed a young girl named Zoe.

Since then she has only appeared in a few TV Movies such as "My Sweet Audrina", "Summer Love", "Colossal", and she will soon be appearing in a 2017 film called "Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library".

Trivia Edit

  • She knew from the beginning that she wanted to be a professional performer.

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