David Cubitt is a English actor best known for his roles as "Bruce Foreman" in CTV's "E.N.G.", "Jack Larkin" in Global Television Network's "Traders", and "Danny Hayes" in CBS's "Michael Hayes". He currently portrays John in Syfy's Van Helsing.

History Edit

He is of English descent, and was born in Canada. He has a Dutch mother named Yeta, and an English father named David. When David was just six months old, his family moved to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Biography Edit

Like fellow cast member, Christopher Heyerdahl, David's first on-screen project was in the original 21 Jump Street television series as Willie.

He's appeared in several television series and short videos such as "Bates Motel", "Stonewall", "Ray Donovan", "Robbery Homicide Division", "Medium", and many more since then.

He worked on a cable music video show called "Night Vision" while going to college. David describes this experience as "the beginning of [his] love affair with acting."

Trivia Edit

  • Won the 1997 Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role.
  • 1998 Gemini Award for Best Dramatic Series.

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