Christ Pose is the twelfth episode of Season Three of Syfy's Van Helsing. This is overall the thirty-eighth episode.


Scarlett is reunited with Axel but he is badly injured before they can find Vanessa. A mysterious man helps them find their way.

Recap Edit

Scarlett and Axel are diving head first into these debates, as they are finally reunited following several trials and tribulations on each of their parts. Axel is still reeling from finding and losing his sister, while Scarlett is motivated to track her own down before she does something terrible. Despite their issues, though, the two are happy to be back together, at least for now.

That happiness doesn’t last long though, like most things when you’re fighting for your life, as an encounter with a pack of Daywalkers leaves Axel injured and blinded. Scarlett turns to a nearby stranger for assistance and they patch Axel up enough to get him out of the woods. But injury also means infection and there’s every possibility Axel won’t make it to the other side.

While Scarlett frets over Axel’s condition, their new friend pulls her into a conversation and debate over faith and fate and luck and what you can and cannot hold onto when the world has gone to hell. He is very religious, at least he is these days, and believes that everything is part of God’s master plan. Scarlett is far less inclined to chalk things up to the man upstairs because if this is his plan then he is not someone she wants to get to know very well. That stance is tested, however, when faith and temperance turn out to be the correct decisions more than once during their stay.

With Axel getting worse, they set out to find him some antibiotics, which they locate in an abandoned ambulance. They aren’t quite enough to save him, though, and Scarlett, unwilling to accept Axel’s near-certain death or to carry on without him and leave things to chance, grabs a wounded Daywalker and forces him to bite Axel, an action which, astonishingly, cures him. Things settled, at least for now, Axel and Scarlett continue on their mission to save Vanessa from herself.

Elsewhere, Jolene and Flesh are having a bit of an adventure of their own as they attempt to stay alive when things go awry on their trip to Loveland. When one of the other prisoners breaks out, Jolene and Flesh have to fend for themselves while also handcuffed together. The two use the time to bond over their shared relationship woes, and Jolene tells Flesh that if he really wants his wife to forgive him, he’s going to need to forgive himself first.