You know, I remember when people lived free, they fought for liberty, they fought for justice, our ancestors' spilled their blood to throw out their oppressors and to carve out a better future, we need to do the same thing
— Campbell to the Resistance in Coming Back

Campbell was a recurring character during Season One of SyFy's Van Helsing. He was portrayed by Ben Cotton.

He was the leader of the Portland Human Resistance. However, after a failed attempt at stealing weapons from the First National Bank, he was killed by Rebecca

Biography Edit

Nothing is known of Quaid's life prior to The Rising, therefore, this section will remain empty until information can be provided.

Season One Edit

A meeting is being held by the Resistance, after learning that the vampires have got two shifts of their people working on the power plant in an attempt to increase cloud coverage, Campbell comes up with a plan to break into the First National Bank, steal the weapons and destroy the plant, forcing the vampires to dwell in the night once again. Continue Reading Here....

After Sheema returns with the blue print for the First National Bank, Quaid and Campbell are in disbelief, she explains that she's a tunnel rat and was therefore able to get it, going on to say that there's a network of tunnels under that building, they can break in without anyone knowing. Sheema says that she's more than just some kid, Campbell explains that he never said she wasn't Quaid wants to know how the rest of it will work. Continue Reading Here....

As the Portland Human Resistance move throughout the halls of the First National Bank, they talk about a fellow member, who is also planning something big, Quaid is only concerned with getting freed from vampires. Campbell says that he trusts the other guy, and that if he asks too many questions, his life could be ended fairly quickly. As Quaid unlocks the door, Campbell wants to send the scouts first, but Quaid would rather go herself, and she does. After being ambushed at the bank, Campbell is back at the headquarters, he has Sheema on the table with a blade to her face, explaining that Quaid is dead and that Sheema is a traitor, she claims that she didn't know it was a trap, he explains that it had to be her, he wants to know who Shemma betrayed them to. Then the vampires arrive, Rebecca enters, looking for someone named taka, but Campbell claims that he doesn't know who she's talking about, she then kills Campbell, and lets Sheema off the table, she now wants Shemma to lead her to the others. Continue Reading Here....

Personality Edit

Campbell is very brave, he's also a proud man, and it sickens him to see what humanity has become. He wishes to fight back, but does not have to resources at the moment, so he's against sending his people into a fight that he knows that can't win.

Abilities Edit

As of right now, Campbell hasn't displayed any notable abilities, and he likely never will seeing as he's dead.

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Season One appearances: 3/13
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