Birth Ritual is the thirteenth episode and Season Finale of Season Three of Syfy's Van Helsing. This is overall the thirty-ninth episode.


Vanessa and Sam face off to find the Last Elder, with Scarlett, Axel and Mohamad caught in the crossfire.


Vanessa, Sam, and Mohamad have all made their way back to the asylum to discover their various destinies, but while Mohamad is stopped right at the start, Sam and Vanessa learn that they are here to find out which of them will become the fourth Elder.

Before we get into their fraught and depressing trials, though, let’s check back in with the folks who are still inside the walls of Denver, Colorado. The former safe haven has been overrun, at least partially, by Daywalkers, and Doc and Julius are finding their own ways to contribute. Doc isn’t exactly helping out willingly. There’s a new sheriff in town and he works for the big corporate entity that is keeping Denver running. He knows she killed her last boss and he’s using that to get her to come up with a bullet that will actually kill a Daywalker.

Julius, meanwhile, volunteers to join the teams heading into the city. He feels responsible since he’s the one who made Scab and he wants to know what happened to Frankie. He finds out pretty quickly that Frankie is definitely dead, and Scab is more than willing to kill him. But first, Julius discovers that Callie is one of the prisoners they’re keeping locked up.

Back in the Asylum, Vanessa and Sam have been taken into the inner sanctum where they learn that one of them will only become an Elder if they can kill the light inside them. Sam is sad about it, but he willingly kills Mohamad after an entire season of avoiding the issue. Vanessa is far less willing to snuff out her light, since that is Scarlett and she left her sister on that island specifically so she wouldn’t have to do this. Scarlett, though, takes matters into her own hands, sacrificing herself because she believes it will make Vanessa better. Axel is rightfully pissed and threatens to kill Vanessa if he ever sees her again.

The Oracle, though, claims that Scarlett’s death was for nothing, as Vanessa’s light actually died with Dylan last season. Vanessa rejects her claims, saying that she will defeat the Dark One because she IS the light. That doesn’t stop the Oracle from giving Sam the position as Elder, and the horns and gross face to match.

As what seems like the final confrontation between Sam and Vanessa begins, Vanessa actually manages to get a few good hits in. They work their way into the crypt where all the bodies have been removed except for Vanessa’s ancestor, Lilly, which is oddly lucky. As some of Sam’s blood hits Lilly’s face, she awakens, and joins her great-granddaughter in the fight.