Abaddon is a recurring character during Season Two and Season Three of SyFy's Van Helsing. He is portrayed by Keith Arbuthnot.


Enshrouded in legend and mystery, the Elder is among the oldest and most powerful vampires in existence. He was imprisoned centuries ago under unknown circumstances.

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He uses his rare telepathic abilities to communicate with the sisters and attempts to manipulate Vanessa Helsing and Scarlett Harker into releasing him.

Season Two Edit

Once released, the Elder had hoped the Van Helsings would not remember that he promised fealty to the Van Helsings instead of death when he was imprisoned. Scarlett ordered the Elder to kill Dmitri to prove his fealty, which greatly displeased The Elder, who viewed Dmitri as his favourite. Scarlett orders the Elder to find Vanessa, and after being given some of Scarlett's blood he is able to feel Vanessa again and located her. He kills everyone at the facility where Vanessa is being held and then bites Vanessa.

Season Three Edit

In The beginning of the season The Elder awakens Vanessa and summons Scarlett and the others to the facility where she is being held. Vanessa however wakes up sooner than he expects and blindly attacks him until he turns into Susan using an unknown vampire power (although it seems all Elders have the ability to manipulate people's perceptions). Axel and Scarlett both see the Elder as Susan and he accompanies them on their journey to the second Elder in Utah where he is killed by Vanessa. The Second Elder is revealed to actually be in San Fransisco and the trio head off on their own leaving the dead Elder behind.

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  • Advanced Strength: The Elder displayed this when he crushed Dmitri's skull in killing him and though not shown he killed all the workers to get to Vanessa.
  • Advanced Speed: The Elder was shown to be very fast as he speed out of the cave to go find Vanessa.
  • Telepathy: Still unknown the Elder has the ability to use telepathy to communicate with Vanessa and Scarlett, however there are limitations to this power when Vanessa was shot and dead again he told Scarlett he couldn't reach her. Only when Scarlett stabbed him with a knife that had her blood, the blood of "the First One" that Vanessa also had could he see her location.

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  • It is unknown how long the Elder has been imprisoned, but in the Black Days, it is revealed that the Elder was the one who turned Dmitri. As Dmitri is described as being around 300 years old, the Elder cannot have been imprisoned longer than that.
  • It's unknown how but the Elder is the only vampire so far to be immune to Vanessa's reversion.

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